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Study Abroad: 5 Key Things You Need To Know Before You Decide

It is not enough to just wake up and say,” I want to study abroad” simply because your friends or relatives are doing as such. Studying abroad is a dream of many Nigerians if not every Nigerian student and this is because of the respect and importance accorded to foreign certificates, in Nigeria. However, as a student aspiring to study abroad there are things you need to know before that could be achieved. Like the local institutions, foreign institutions also have basic requirements, and other necessary things you need to know, so it is advisable to do your research well. Now let’s quickly look at the 5 key things you should consider before you choose a school abroad.

  • Affordability:

    Can you afford the school tuition fees? How about the living expenses? These should be the very first thing you need to know. How much are the required fees? Is it affordable? You really need to know about this if you really want to study abroad. The cost is an important factor you have to put into consideration before you choose a school. Some offer scholarships to international students with good grades whilst others offer some general scholarships, check the ones that give better deal; affordability is key.

  • Your chance of been admitted:

    It is very necessary and important that you know the requirements of the institution before you apply because application doesn’t guarantee offer. The truth is that some institutions are just more selective than others. Requirements vary. So in order not to waste your time, complete an application into an institution that meets your standard.

  • Know the course you want to study:

    Before completing an application, be sure that the course or programme that you are applying to enjoys both local and global acceptance. The relevance of your programme to both your immediate and the global economies matter otherwise, it would have amounted to sheer waste of resources, including time and emotion. Not every course you study abroad can work out for you when you finally return to Nigeria. So choosing a course that can fit into the Nigerian and the world systems help in no small means.

  • Security:

    What is the security situation of the country you plan to study in? Yes! No country in the world is crime free but you need to weigh the level of the security risk. What is the crime rate in the country of choice? Do your due diligence before settling for a study destination; don’t just buy whatever your agent or consultant says hook, line and sinker.

    • Lastly, if you must complete your studies overseas, make sure that the due diligence is done. If you can afford it, the experience is sweet and the opportunities it offers you are boundless but if you cannot afford it, make sure you remain the best of whatever you have chosen to be.

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