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Simple Guide on How to Apply for Scholarship Successfully

Step One: Get a Consultant/Counselor!

Instead of rushing off on your own to apply for scholarship, it is alwasy advisable for you to work with an experienced Scholarship Application Consultant who will guide you.

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Step Two: Identify viable scholarships and start applying!

Now is the time to start applying! See which (if any) applications have the same requirements, and start applying for those ones immediately. For example, if you know that at least five applications require recommendations, transcripts, and essays, you can make sure you have those materials ready to send for all five applications. Gathering the materials is the longest part of all of it; if you have items that can be sent to five places at once, get all of those things together first, and then move on to other smaller tasks (like your CV and transcripts – things that should not take more than a day to devise).

Make sure to prioritize tasks that will take extra time. Writing an essay, for example, will require lots of editing, revising, and proof-reading. Start working on your scholarship essay(s) early, and make sure to allow enough time to look them over.

Send in your applications; and as you finish them one-by-one, mark the first section on your organizer to let you know how many you have finished, and how many you have left to complete.

Step Three: Get and keep track of your awards

You’ll not only want to keep track of which applications you’ve applied for; but also bear in mind how many you will be receiving (or not receiving). If you have been accepted for a scholarship (congratulations!), you should Contact your Counselor which date you received the scholarship (or scholarship acceptance letter), what the conditions are for the scholarship (volunteer service, minimum GPA), and how much support you will expect to receive.

With the counselor/consultant help, you can manage your future finances during your studies, and can keep track of whether there is anything else you need to remember. For example, whether you have to send a ‘thank you’ letter to the scholarship sponsors, or whether there is any additional information that they are asking for.

The process of applying for scholarships can be both exciting and scary at the same time. To manage the inevitable chaos that comes from putting together your scholarships, be sure to use the organization tool properly, placing all of the information you need in one place.
You won’t need to panic anymore about missing deadlines or not being sure what requirements you have left to finish, because at SB Consult you are our priority.

If you want to study abroad, our trained and seasoned overseas education consultants are always eager to assist you on the best practical way. We also guide you through the path of good choice of study programme that guarantees good career path.

We will also work with you and your sponsor to ensure that you are properly guided based on your budget.

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